Handheld vs Cutting Board cheese slicers: Which is better?

A cheese slicer can take several types such as rolling cheese slicer, wire cheese slicer, plane cheese slicer, mandolin cheese slicer. However, all these types of cheese slicers can be divided into two main categories: Handheld and Cutting Board.

Each of them has its own pros and cons and it may be the biggest consideration when shopping around for the best cheese slicer. Let’s go to the detail about the differences between these two types of cheese slicer.

#1 Design

A handheld cheese slicer often resembles a bladed vegetable peeler, but it can also construct of a T shaped handle, roller, and a wire.

A cutting board cheese slicer includes strong thick platform made of wood, marble or some other strong material is used as the board base and a fixed slicing wire or blade. When slicing, the cheese rests securely on the cutting board.

Some cutting board models allow you to adjust wires or blades that make the thicker or thinner slices of cheese on demand. But wires and blades of on a handheld slicer is rarely adjustable. You will have to create the thinker or thinner cheese slices by control the impact that you press the cheese, and some may find it challenging to use safely.

Another advantage of a cutting board cheese slicer is aesthetic. Its design also makes it a sever tray for presenting sliced meats and cheeses.

#2 Easy to maintain

You won’t want to get a cheese slicer that only use for a few months, so you have to maintain it after every used. The handheld models that made from high-quality stainless steel or another rust-resistant metal are easier to store and clean. Handheld cheese slicers are dishwasher safe.

The cutting broad slicers are usually not dishwasher-safe. You need to hand-wash them and then wipe them with a clean cloth. Marble and hardwoods board base are easiest to clean, but they are heavy so quite difficult to store.

#3 Dimensions

Handheld cheese slicers are popular due to their compactness. They are fairly portable, small enough to fit comfortably in the hand, much like a vegetable peeler. Handheld cheese slicers occupy less space, if you want your table cook top is always clear, then you should go with a handheld model.

While the cutting board models are quite heavy. But cutting board slicers are large enough to hold and process the whole cheese block compared to the handheld slicers. Before buying a cutting board, ensure that it fit inside your kitchen cabinets or drawers.

How to jump start a diesel truck?

There is always a change that you are in a prolonged road trip and your truck stopped suddenly because of its dead battery. In this case you will need to jump start your truck by connecting it to another car using jump starter cables. This can be quite the hassle and require someone around you.

Instead you should prepare your trips with the best battery jump starter for diesel truck. With this handy tool, you do not need wait for hours for other assistance. At first, you will have to know how to do everything correctly to jump start a diesel-powered truck.

#1 How does a diesel jump starter work?

There are a battery, cables, and air processor included in a diesel jump starter. Some devices even come with USB ports. Cables will hook up the battery to the power source in order to feed a truck. The jump starters have an amperage rated, this is the amount of power that it can be able to provide your battery to get it started again.

You will need to charge your jump starters by power supply and carry it in your truck for the unexpected situation.

#2 How to boost a diesel-powered truck with a battery jump starter?

Whatever jump starter you choose, it is necessary to read the instruction manual of it to see how it functions. However, you can follow some basic principle of how it works at here:

  • One thing you should notice is to read the instruction manual provided by the manufacturer. In the case, your truck has a positive ground, you should not follow these steps.
  • Check your jump starter to make sure its output voltage will match with that your truck’s battery voltage and the charge of the jump starter is at full or at least a half.
  • After that, set your truck’s transmission is in Neutral position and take the keys out of the ignition. Turn the jump-starting device off as well.
  • Identify the positive and the negative terminal on the battery. Normally, the positive will be defined by some symbols as “+”, “P”,”POS” and the negative can be defined by some symbols as “+”,”N”,”NEG”.
  • Take a red cable of the jump starter and hook it up to the positive terminal of the battery. Then Take a black cable and connect it to the negative terminal of the battery.
  • Switch the assembly on and adjust the power to make it suitable for your truck’s motor.
  • Waiting for about 30 seconds before turn on your stuck. If the truck does not turn on after the first attempt, wait for a few minutes before trying again. If after that your vehicle still not turn on, then it is can be the problem of a truck itself, not in its battery.
  • Turn the jump starter off and disconnect a positive cable and then a negative one.
  • Do not forget to recharge the jump starter after finish the work.

Frequently asked questions about best horse grooming brushes

Grooming routine is key to keeping a horse healthy and should not be done superficial. The time you spent to groom your horse will helps you go a long way in building a stronger bond between you and your horse.

This job is not as simple as getting the best horse grooming brushes, it is also clearly know about how to properly do it right. Allocating a few extra minutes to read the entire post will bring many benefits for your horse.

#1 Why do you need different types of brushes?

Brushes come with the different in length, thickness and materials that are designed to serve different purposes. For example, the short, thick, stiff bristles of brush like dandy brush or curry comb is use for the horse that have obstinate stain in their coat after they roll in the mud.

A brush with medium length, slightly stiff bristles such as body brush is use for removing finer dust particles and hair and smoothes the coat.

Soft bristled brushes can be used in the sensitive areas of the horses such as the underside of their belly. You can choose the best horse grooming kits, it contains all the tools you need.

#2 How to clean brushes

About once a week, wash your grooming materials in the warm water with a non-toxic soap or detergent. You also should whisk around the brushes to loosen the dirt and grime. Then wash them again until the water is clear after you soak them.

Remember to rinse thoroughly the brushes and there is no any soap leaf, because if you groom your horse with the brushes contains soap, it can cause irritate to horses’ skin. The rubber curry comb is made of 100% synthetic, so you can wash it with washing machine and old towels for a thorough cleaning.

#3 How long does it take to groom a horse?

The time you have to spend for grooming will depends of how dirty your horse is. On average, it take about 15-30 minutes is enough time to groom a horse. If your horse is just finished he work or he has recently roll in the mud, it will make you more time. But if you do grooming everyday as a routine, you will finish the job earlier.

Frequently asked questions about best litter for rabbits

Rabbits are going to spend a lot of time on that bedding, so you should make sure you select the best litter for rabbits and also understand how to proper use these litters. Reading the information provided by manufacturer carefully may not answer all your question about litter for rabbits.

This is why we write down here some frequently asked questions about litter for rabbit that you should know to ensure the optimal enclosure for your pets.

#1 How much litter does a rabbit need

The litter should be thick enough to soak up the urine of rabbits. So the amount of bedding a rabbit needs will obviously depend firstly on the size of the rabbit. However, there is the basic rule that the amount of litter it has should cover the floor of its litter tray with a depth of up to 3 inches.

This thickness is consideration the amount of liquid it may potentially need to absorb as well as enough for the rabbits to snuggle into it in order to keep warm and should make them feel comfortable. You need to know, the outdoor rabbit hutch also need litter too.

#2 Is pine litter safe for rabbits?

The face that pine is aromatic softwood and the aroma is produced by chemicals called phenols. There are many conflicting views on whether pine bedding is safe for rabbits or not. These chemicals within pine that can cause some health problems for rabbits, puts a train on the liver.

However, this is only happen on the pine that is untreated. The pine product for rabbits that sold out there has been heat-treated the dangers are all but eliminated. There are many rabbit owner prefer to use pine litter for along ime without a problem.

#3 Can I use cat litter for rabbits?

The answer is absolutely no. Cat litter can be considered as danger for rabbits since cat litter can cause a lot of harm if the rabbits swallow it. And rabbits are rodents so they will be tempted to nibble it.

Cat litter can cause the digestive problems in rabbits and also the dead is possible for them. Not only that, cat litter tents to contain a lot of dust, which can cause respiratory problems for rabbits.

Ontario Seed Bank Canada review (OntarioSeedbank.com): Top Seed Banks in Canada

We love

We love the selection at Ontario Seed Bank There are nearly 200 varieties of cannabis seeds for sale. This is truly a one-stop shop for best seed bank canada.

Another thing we love is the pricing. At the home page of the web page, each brand of cannabis is listed along with a Canadian price, but when you click for more information, you are promptly given the U.S. price.

Another thing we like is discounts, when you buy in bulk, you typically save 10 to 15 percent, which all adds up.

Another thing we like is that each product has a mini-review. Through this mini-review, you find out the level of THC to expect, the indoor/outdoor yield, the estimated height growth of the plant, the flowering time, when to expect full bloom and the difficulty of producing the particular cannabis plant.

What we don’t like

Ontario Seed Bank is affiliated with other seed banks, notably the Amsterdam Marijuana Seeds group. So when you buy from Ontario Seed group, you are not necessarily getting your product from them.

In fact, prior to the COVID-19 pandemic, Ontario Seed Bank was primarily a walk-in shop for locals and tourists, and there was a wide variety of opinions about the service.

Some reviewers said that the guy who runs the shop is very easy going in person, and it was not uncommon for people to ask for 10 seeds and get 14.

On the other hand, many others found Ontario Seed Bank to sell seeds at twice the price of other shops.

In addition, the shop lists no email address, if you have any type of problem you need to call them up by phone. (no 1-800 number either. )

Since going online you are actually going throuogh an Amersterdam based hop and not Ontario Seed Bank direct, other than a pretty website and decent plant description we ask what is the point?

Ontario Seed Shop appears to operate only in person and not online. We therefore don’t recommend it.

Best food for leopard geckos: Josh’s Frogs 3/4″ Banded Crickets VS. Bassett’s Live Mealworms

Leopard geckos are probably the most popular reptiles to keep as pets today. It may because they are docile, easy-going animals that does not require any complicated care. Under proper care, leopard geckos can live for a very long time.

Feeding leopard geckos is not a difficult task but also require some research from the owners.

The best food for leopard geckos should give them all the nutrients they need. In order to help you choose the right food for your pets, this post is the comparison of two leopard gecko foods:  Josh’s Frogs 3/4″ Banded Crickets VS. Bassett’s Cricket Ranch 1000 Live Super worms.

#1 Alive and freshness ingredient

Natural, live insects should be the highest priority, the staple food for your leopard geckos. These insects that you feed your pets should be fresh and alive. Although fresh food has a shorter time of preservative it is always better than freeze-dried or dehydrated food.

When it comes to diet for leopard gecko, crickets are definitely included.  Josh’s Frogs provide a source of live crickets, which are great feeders for leopard geckos. The life of food is guaranteed by delivering in temperatures between 10-85 degrees F.

These mealworms that are bred and sold by Bassett’s Cricket Ranch in California is live guaranteed by shipping in breathable cloth bags. Bassett’s Cricket Ranch also give the user with 10 to 15% extra in the case if there are any dead worms on arrival. They also guarantee live delivery year-around.

#2 Properly sized

When feeding to your leopard gecko, the size of the feeder is very important. Make sure that they are not too large in size or your pets will be difficult to pray and digest. We recommend do not to feed them any insect equal to or larger than the gap between your gecko’s eyes.

Josh’s Frogs Banded Feeder Crickets and Bassett’s Cricket Ranch Mealworms are of great size at ¾ inches. Due to the size, these foods should be feed for adult leopard geckos. Baby and juvenile geckos should be fed with smaller insects.

#3 Nutrient enriched

Nutritional Information for leopard gecko banded cricket includes moisture 69.07%, Fat 6.01%, Protein 21.32%, Fiber 3.2%. Crickets are easy to find, very high in protein and low in fat, they gut-loads well, so you can give your geckos with all the nutrients it needs.

Mealworms include moisture 62.44%, Fat 12.72%, Protein 20.27%, Fiber 1.73%. You should be careful when feeding your geckos with mealworms since they are very high in protein but they also contain a significant amount of fat too. They are also tougher to digest when compared to crickets.

Questions To Ask For First Aquarium Before Going To A Fish Shop Near Me

Keeping an aquarium may be your rewarding experience and brings many benefits. But if you are just a beginner in your keeping fish hobby, there are lots of things you need to research and also lots of questions will come to your mind.

Those frequently asked questions below are all the basic information you need to know before going to fish shop near me and get your first aquarium.

What is the best tank side for a beginner?

If you are earnest about keeping fish, this work will not simple as running out to fish shop near me open now, buying a few goldfish and put them in a bowl. In fact, your fish need more space to live a healthy happy life than a bowl.

Choosing the best aquarium starter kits that suit your budget and space in your room, but this aquarium should be at least 20 gallons. Trying to get the tank as large as you can.

Because the large tank will more stable than the smaller one, there is less of water and temperature fluctuations in the large tank. Moreover, the large tanks also take less effort to clean and change the water.

How many fish should you keep at first?

Before buying fish from fish shop near me pet, you should consider your type of tank and your tank side:

If you are keeping a freshwater tank, the basic rule is to keep 1 inch of fish (without tail) per 1 gallon of water. For your first tank, you should keep fish only 25% of the tank capacity. And then you can increase the number of fish after 3 weeks but not too much at once time.

If you are keeping a saltwater tank, the rule is 3 inches of fish per 1 square of the tank bottom.

Where you should place your tank?

Keep your fish tank far from direct sunlight. Sunlight can lead to the growth of algae. Also sunlight and vents, radiator or air conditioners are the factors that cause the sudden change of water temperature.

Keep the tank away from door, windows and noise. Too much objects or people moving around and the loud sound can make your fish stress.

What kin of equipment you will need?

Filter is essential equipment will help you keep the water clean and remove toxins, waste, algae that built up in the tank

Your fish requires the proper temperature to live, that why you should get a heater and a chiller.

Moreover, air pump, lighting system, gravel vacuum are some other indispensable equipment that you can easy find in every fish shops near me.

What is the best way to reheat chicken wings?

Crispy buffalo wings are an old dish but convenient, quick dinners and indispensable at almost any occasion. But when hear about reheating them, it tends to be lost a lot of taste and texture.

If you perfectly seasoned crispy buffalo wings, but after cooking, it hard for you to figure out the best way to reheat chicken wings. This article can give you some way that you can do pretty easy at home to revive the flavor of your chicken wings.

#1 Reheating buffalo wings in the oven

Over reheating buffalo wings is the most common way to make them stay golden and crispy. It may be the best way to reheat wings because it will work effectively almost every time and It is also fast and easy as well.

You will need:

–         A banking pan

–         An oven

–         Aluminum foil

–         Tongs


–         Leave the chicken wings to defrost and unfrozen for 5-10 minute until it reaches room temperature

–         Preheat the oven to 375 F degree

–         Place your aluminum foil on your banking pan

–         When your oven is ready, place the chicken wings in blanking pan and put it in the oven

–         Set the timer for 15 minutes

–         When it turns in to golden, take it out and let them cool off

#2 Reheating by microwave

If you limit in time and want to reheat your buffalo wings quickly, you should do this way. But this method is least effective for those who want to leave the skin crispy wings, and this is the best way to reheat buffalo wings.

You will need:

–         A plate friendly with microwave

–         Paper towels

–         A microwave


–         Defrost the wings in room temperature

–         Put your buffalo wings on the plate and cover them with a layer of paper towel on top

–         Put them in the microwave about 1-2 minute

How to choose the best fish filter?

If you are keeping an aquarium in your house, you will surely know how hard it is to clean the tank periodically by yourself. But if you don’t do that, your tank will maintain food and fish waste, which damages the fish’s health and environment.

Because of this, in order to keep an aquarium clean without getting too much trouble, inverting in the best fish filter is a good way to help them live longer, more happily, and brighter colors. There are a few things that you should consider before buying your aquarium filter.

#1 Size

It is very important that aquarium filters need to be suitable for aquarium size. If you using a small filter for a large tank, the filter will be overworked and poor performance. The filters are made to work over a certain power range.

It’s better to never use a filter that can process less or even as much as the tank capacity. For example, with a tank of 50 liters, the best fish tank filters should be 60-100 liters.

#2 The number of fish

Besides your tank size, the number of fish that you keep also made a decision on your filter choice. More fishes will have more waste, so the filters need to be large as well. If your tank contains a lot of fish and very wide, you may need more than one filter.

#3 Maintenance

A device easy to maintain will save your time of cleaning because you need to clean the filter every two or three months. Choosing the filter that includes removable parts can help you minimize this effort.

#4 Flow rate

The filter needs to strain all the water in your tank within 4 hours. For example, if your tank is 30 gallons, you will need a filter with a flow rate of at least 120 gallons per hour.

Buying Guide: Best Cold Weather Hunting Gloves

Designing the best hunting gloves need to keep the hunter warm and also offer protection. Finding the best hunting gloves may be difficult, especially with the wide variety in the market to choose. Here are some tips when looking for the best cold weather hunting gloves.

#1 Comfort

Since hunting requires patience, Should be comfortable to wear,and light in weight for the task. The best hunting gloves should let your skin breath naturally without sweating. The glove should also be friendly without irritating the hand.

#2 Flexibility

Use of mittens makes the gloves more flexible as you only flip your figures to be flexible and offer the hunter excellent grip without removing the glove. The use of mitten designs helps when handling tools or need to relax the fingers.

#3 Durability

Durability is key to the material used. For the best cold weather hunting gloves should be able to absorb rain, moisture and dew, leaving your hands dry and warm at all times. Leather is the best material to use as it is waterproof and breathable in all climate conditions. Leather adjust to the hand well and can be repaired in case of tear and wear.

#4 Size

Since they came in different length and sizes, you should account your measures and also the manufactures instructions as some may shrink or expand depending on the environment. A cold surrounding will require warm hunting gloves, and if the size does not fit the outcome might be uncomfortable. The correct size also helps the inflow of blood naturally.

#5 Colour

The colour goes in hand with the type of environment hurting is taking place. The hunter should avoid using bright colours that get noticed quickly. Camouflage colours that match with the environment should be considered.

#6 Technology

With innovation coming up, best-hunting choice gloves should offer the same. Compatibility with modern technology to be able to use your devices like a smartphone is a great option.

Reference more hunting gearright here.