Handheld vs Cutting Board cheese slicers: Which is better?

A cheese slicer can take several types such as rolling cheese slicer, wire cheese slicer, plane cheese slicer, mandolin cheese slicer. However, all these types of cheese slicers can be divided into two main categories: Handheld and Cutting Board.

Each of them has its own pros and cons and it may be the biggest consideration when shopping around for the best cheese slicer. Let’s go to the detail about the differences between these two types of cheese slicer.

#1 Design

A handheld cheese slicer often resembles a bladed vegetable peeler, but it can also construct of a T shaped handle, roller, and a wire.

A cutting board cheese slicer includes strong thick platform made of wood, marble or some other strong material is used as the board base and a fixed slicing wire or blade. When slicing, the cheese rests securely on the cutting board.

Some cutting board models allow you to adjust wires or blades that make the thicker or thinner slices of cheese on demand. But wires and blades of on a handheld slicer is rarely adjustable. You will have to create the thinker or thinner cheese slices by control the impact that you press the cheese, and some may find it challenging to use safely.

Another advantage of a cutting board cheese slicer is aesthetic. Its design also makes it a sever tray for presenting sliced meats and cheeses.

#2 Easy to maintain

You won’t want to get a cheese slicer that only use for a few months, so you have to maintain it after every used. The handheld models that made from high-quality stainless steel or another rust-resistant metal are easier to store and clean. Handheld cheese slicers are dishwasher safe.

The cutting broad slicers are usually not dishwasher-safe. You need to hand-wash them and then wipe them with a clean cloth. Marble and hardwoods board base are easiest to clean, but they are heavy so quite difficult to store.

#3 Dimensions

Handheld cheese slicers are popular due to their compactness. They are fairly portable, small enough to fit comfortably in the hand, much like a vegetable peeler. Handheld cheese slicers occupy less space, if you want your table cook top is always clear, then you should go with a handheld model.

While the cutting board models are quite heavy. But cutting board slicers are large enough to hold and process the whole cheese block compared to the handheld slicers. Before buying a cutting board, ensure that it fit inside your kitchen cabinets or drawers.