Top 5 dry herb vaporizers in the UK 

Dry herb vaporizers are petite devices that operate on either fixed or removable batteries to vape dried cannabis flowers. They use two types of heating; conduction or convection, while others use both.

As the vaping scene becomes more popular with each passing day, it is crucial to note which vaporizers are at the top in terms of design, longevity, vapor quality, ease of use, and portability.

Below we have put down a list of 5 of the best vaporizers to help you with your vaping experience.

list of 5 of the best vaporizers:

#1 The mighty

If you are looking for a gadget that produces thick and flavor-filled clouds, the mighty is your vaporizer. Some of its unique features include;

  • It contains a special cooling compartment that cools the mist you inhale to prevent throat burn. This is an excellent safety feature that ensures you enjoy your vaping without worrying about burn risks.
  • The mighty comes with two lithium batteries of 2600mAh that increase vaping time to about 2 hours while still maximizing cloud production.
  • Uses both conduction and convection heating methods that facilitate the full extraction of terpenes from your cannabis flowers.
  • It strategically displays the device’s temperature and status of the battery at the bottom.
  • Its ease of use makes it the most recommended device. To use, just turn it on and set the temperature. The advanced technology used to build it does the rest for you.

Two cons that face this device are using only a power outlet to recharge and is bulkier than other portable devices.

#2 Firefly 2 plus

This device is excellent for anyone looking to vape both herbs concentrates. It has outstanding characteristics like;

  • Uses convection type of heating that heats the oven in less than 3 seconds.
  • It has an aesthetic design that is attractive and fabulous.
  • Produces crisp and moderately hot vapor that travels through a glass from the heating chamber. This is important since it ensures that the taste is uncompromised.
  • The firefly comes with an app integration option, which allows the user to adjust settings like temperature control.
  • It has a multipurpose use, i.e. can be used to vape herbs, wax, and concentrates.

This device has all the best characteristics that someone would look for in a vaporizer. The only issue is that it is quite costly and might not be affordable for anyone working on a budget.

#3 Vapor2 pro series 3X

We have featured this device because it is efficient but affordable for anyone looking for a low-priced herb vaporizer. Some of its features include;

  • It is highly portable, a feature suitable for people who vape outdoors. It can fit into the pocket with ease.
  • Very easy to use and displays the battery’s level upon motion.
  • The cartridges are designed to be magnetic.
  • It is diverse as it can be used to vape herbs, e-liquid, and wax.

The cons include short battery life and limited space (chamber) for putting the dry herbs. Also, you will have to buy the herb cartridges separately.

#4 Pax 3 vaporizer

Categorized as one of the most discrete vaporizers, this device is light and can easily fit in the palm of your hands.  It also;

  • Uses conduction heating style
  • It can be used for both dry herbs and concentrates. All you have to do is switch the inserts.
  • Pax 3 comes with a ‘lip sensing’ technology that allows the device to heat up whenever the mouthpiece comes into contact with the user’s lips and cools down when not in use.
  • Alerts the user when the contents are baked by vibrating
  • Integrated with an app for perfect preferred settings.
  • Contains a 3500mAh battery that facilitates a long-lasting vaping experience

Compared to other gadgets, the only con the pax 3 has it is that it takes 10-15 seconds to heat up, unlike some devices that take less than 5 seconds

#5 Crafty vaporizer

We saved the best for last! The crafty vaporizer is the smaller and lighter version of the mighty with more advanced technology. Other features include;

  • A hybrid system of heating i.e. uses both conduction and convection technology and has a cooling compartment
  • Produces thick great tasting clouds
  • Supports Bluetooth connectivity via smartphone
  • small size thus easy to fit in the pocket
  • Has its smartphone app that allows users to adjust temperatures, select preferred notification options, and control the device’s LED brightness

The only con is that it would be hard to know the temperature without the smartphone since it doesn’t display on the Crafty vaporizer.


If you are on the look-out for the best dry herb vaporizer, we hope this piece has played its intended role of steering you in the right direction. As the vaping scene keeps revolutionizing, better and more advanced devices are set to hit the market. We will be here to keep you informed.