10 Best Hydroponic Growing System for Growing Cannabis

Growing cannabis hydroponically is not a complicated process. but it will fail or your plant cannabis plants cannot grow as you expect if you don’t have the appropriate knowledge and preparation. If you’re new to it, this growing method can be challenging for you and all the hydroponic equipment and tools on the market will surely perplex you.

Purchasing on the best hydroponic growing system can be the easiest way to grow your own marijuana at home as it includes various items such as water tank, plant food, pots, aeration, and more. Here are top 10 best hydroponic growing system that can help you get quicker harvest cycles and more potent yields.

Top 7 Hydroponic Growing System 2021

#1 VIVOSUN Hydroponic Grow Kit, 1 Layer 54 Plant Sites

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VIVOSUN Hydroponic Grow Kit 1 Layer 54 Plant Sites uses a nutrient film method to enhance your output while take up less space with less water. The most special aspect of this hydroponic systems is that it comes with default timer option, which pump the water every 30 minutes and each time last for 5 minutes. And you can choose between automatic or manual run the pump.

This kit is very simple to assemble, making it ideal for novices who have never set up a hydroponic system before. Plus, this is a complete kit, the full package offers a set of planting pipes, a water pump timer, a water pump, a tube, a power plug, planting basket and sponge, tweezers, and 3 instructions. This hydroponic grow kit offers one year guarantee.

#2 AeroGarden Ultra with Gourmet Herb Seed Pod Kit

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This kit is an excellent choice since it has a potent LED lighting system that provides your weed a wide light spectrum range for different life stage, and allows them to benefit from UV and infrared light. It’s incredibly easy to use, making it the best option for beginners. You just need to put the seeds into pods in, and provide water and nutrients.

There are enough sites for 7 cannabis plants. It also comes with an interactive LCD panel, which will notify you when you need to refill nutrients or water, and it also switches lights on and off automatically if necessary. Besides, it contains a handy bonus is a 7-pod Gourmet Herb Seed Kit, and 3 oz. of proprietary nutrients.

#3 GROWNEER 11 Sites Hydroponics Grower Kit

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Looking for an affordable but effective option, GROWNEER hydroponic home growers kit is perfect for any beginner. The kit measure 16” x 10,8” x 5,5”, the compact size allows it to fit any space. This hydroponic system will increase the growing seed of your cannabis. It is simple but includes almost all you need to start the work. The kit comes with a grow box with a lid and 11 plant sites, a Rockwool (12 cubes), an air pump and pump tubing, a connector, an air stone, a set of water indicator, 11 planting sponges, 11 net cups, a detailed instruction.

#4 LAPOND Hydroponic Grow Kit 3 Layers 108 Plant Sites

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LAPOND Hydroponic Grow Kit is an ebb and flow system that also use the NFT hydroponic method. The system is enough to hold up to 108 grow sites. It is constructed with food-grade PVC-U pipe that can be used for both indoor and outdoor. A programmable timer is included in the device. The timer of the water pump allows you to set of 5, 15, and 30 minutes on-time, as well as off-time options of 30, 60, and 120 minutes.

You can choose to set the circulation mode of manual or automatic. The hydroponic system is designed to function with a 15 to 20-liter tanks, but you will have to buy it separately. The unit comes with a one-year warranty.

#5 iDOO Hydroponic Growing System, 12pods Smart Garden

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iDOO Hydroponic Growing System is absolutely one of the nest overall ready-made hydroponic growing system. It comes with hight technology design with a water circulation system, powerful 23 watt LED lighting system, and two growing modes that can automatically turn on and off depends on the type of plant you are growing.

It also has a low-noise pump and fan that turns on and off automatically. The height of the unit can be adjusted, the lighting system also can be readily adjusted to fit any plant types or cannabis strains, this feature also useful to use in different life stage of your cannabis. With small footprint, this kit won’t take much space and easy fit any space inside your house.

#6 Hydroponics Tower Aquaponics Grow System

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The Nutrabinns Tower Grow System is NFT technique hydroponics system that’s can be used for both indoor and outdoor. It is available with 46 sites for plants but you also can choose the options with more plans sites. What make this system outstanding with others on this list is that it has modular, stackable and movable design.

This growing environment that is particularly built to optimize production and automation. Due to its design, this system is extremely energy efficient. It allows to save 66 % energy that you could use in traditional agricultural method.

#7 INTBUYING Hydroponic 36 Holes Plant Site Grow Kit

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The special feature of INTBUYING Hydroponic grow kit is when using indoors, the device not only grows plants but also cleanses the air. If you use a timer, it will be automated, Ebb and Flow system, and without the timer, it is a Recirculating Deep Water Culture system. The kit includes everything you need to grow cannabis in both outdoor and indoor, making it ideal for novices. It is made of sturdy pipe holder construction that contains 36 grow sites. It also features sponges, 110V water pump, and a hose. However, you have to buy additional lighting and power source if you place it indoor.