Top 5 best powder nutrients for plants 

Powder nutrients are vital during all plants’ growth cycle as they provide the necessary boost needed to produce strong and healthy plants with high yields. Characteristics of a good nutrient powder include;

  • Soluble in water
  • Come highly concentrated
  • Contains simplified instructions on how to use
  • Contains an NPK ratio (nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium.)

Cannabis plants with insufficient amounts of nutrients become stunted, leaves drop at a high frequency, have delayed or slow blooming, have lower THC levels and are characterized by an inferior taste.

There are thousands of powder nutrients for hydroponics, but this article looks at the top 5 best performing ones on amazon.

#1 Bud blood powder nutrient by Advanced Nutrients

Rated as one of the best, this powder facilitates the growth of denser, bigger, and heavier cannabis plants. It contains a high but safe amount of potassium and phosphorus and is available in larger packets or small ones of 40grams each.

Bud Blood;

  • Ensures your plants are protected and lowers the chances of crop loss
  • Doubles blooming sites for your weed
  • Responsible for bigger, healthier, and THC-filled buds
  • Allows better yields multiple times a year.

#2 Hydroponic powder nutrient mix by Pure Products

This powder nutrient is designed specifically for hydroponic plants. It contains all the necessary 16 growth elements which facilitate maximum growth and yields. It is especially famous for giving plants a very appealing, vibrant green color.

Its 16oz container can produce 128 gallons of nutrient-filled water. It is very easy to use, even for novices, as it comes with clear instructions.

#3 MYCO powder nutrient by The Element Store.

It comprises a mixture of 4 fungi (endomycorrhizal), bacteria, nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium, amino acids, and carbohydrates.

The fungi and bacteria work together to ensure that the plant’s roots extend to greater distances to allow the maximum absorption of water and nutrients.

The MYCO powder keeps the plant healthy and promotes fast growth and better yields.

#4 Beastie Bloomz powder nutrient by Fox Farm

The pack consists of Open Sesame, cha Ching, and Beastie Bloomz. The three work together by providing the weed plants with the necessary nutrients needed at different stages of their growth.

Open sesame is used during the fifth to sixth weeks, and it ensures that essential nutrients reach the roots when needed.

Cha Ching increases resins and important oils in your cannabis plant and can be used from 8 weeks.

Beastie Bloomz is used from week seven to facilitate the production of flowers at maximum capacity.

With this powder, you need only to use about 0.25 teaspoon at every watering.

#5 Big Bud powder nutrient by Advanced Nutrients

Big Bud powder helps swell flowers to their maximum capacity to increase yields and potency. It is characterized by a perfect phosphorus-potassium ratio and L-amino acids making it the best product for your cannabis plants.

To facilitate optimum plant respiration, Big Bud contains ascorbic and citric acids. The nutrient is best used two weeks into flowers to at least three weeks before harvest.


There is no better feeling for a grower than the one you have when you see your plants grow healthy and bloom exponentially. Any of these powder nutrients can help you reach your desired yields.