Best Spider Mites Killer

Is there any sign of discoloration or rust colored plants on your garden?  Have you noticed shrinkage in your plants thus leading to premature leaf loss? Is there any sign of spiderwebs around your plant or the underside of the leaves? If all your answers to the above question is yes, obviously your garden is under spider mite attack.

Spider mites are one of the menaces in gardens both outdoors and indoors. These pests are hard to notice until your plants begin to show signs of injuries. They gather on the underside of leaves and sip plant fluids and steals chlorophyll from plants. Well! You have nothing to fear because there are several ways to best spider mites killer.

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This tiny pesky pest is most observed using magnifying lens. Like spider, their colors range from red and brown to yellow and green, depending on the species and seasonal changes in their appearance. Spider mites survive in temperate weather conditions and develops tolerance rapidly with their female laying over 100 eggs which hatches in 3 days.  Their size is around 1/32” or 1mm but doesn’t affect them spinning their web all over there new territory. They have eight legs and they move slowly.



Liberal watering of plants is quite effective when it comes to dealing with spider mites. Mites survives in temperate area and watering your plant consistently will force them to change location and search for drier plans to feast on. Proper watering can also wash this pest away from the underside of the leaves. Take note, you are to water the whole plant and not just the leaf. Using a hose or spray nozzle is a perfect option for outdoor garden whole a sponge or wipe is for indoor.


In case of extreme infestation, just remove the affected leaves or plant and discard away from the garden. With this, you’re protecting mites from spreading across the garden.


Rosemary is effective in getting rid of spider mites, it does no harm to the pest predators and is environmentally friendly. Mix rosemary oil with water and spray on the affected leaves. In case you don’t have limited time, you can just purchase a mild pesticide containing rosemary to make your work easy and faster.


Spider mites also have beneficial insects that likes to feast on them, introduce such as predators will protect your gardens from mites. Some of these predators include; six spotted thrips, lade beetles, Lady bugs.  Ladybugs are natural predators and do a nice job of keeping the spider mite population under control.

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