What is the best way to reheat chicken wings?

Crispy buffalo wings are an old dish but convenient, quick dinners and indispensable at almost any occasion. But when hear about reheating them, it tends to be lost a lot of taste and texture.

If you perfectly seasoned crispy buffalo wings, but after cooking, it hard for you to figure out the best way to reheat chicken wings. This article can give you some way that you can do pretty easy at home to revive the flavor of your chicken wings.

#1 Reheating buffalo wings in the oven

Over reheating buffalo wings is the most common way to make them stay golden and crispy. It may be the best way to reheat wings because it will work effectively almost every time and It is also fast and easy as well.

You will need:

–         A banking pan

–         An oven

–         Aluminum foil

–         Tongs


–         Leave the chicken wings to defrost and unfrozen for 5-10 minute until it reaches room temperature

–         Preheat the oven to 375 F degree

–         Place your aluminum foil on your banking pan

–         When your oven is ready, place the chicken wings in blanking pan and put it in the oven

–         Set the timer for 15 minutes

–         When it turns in to golden, take it out and let them cool off

#2 Reheating by microwave

If you limit in time and want to reheat your buffalo wings quickly, you should do this way. But this method is least effective for those who want to leave the skin crispy wings, and this is the best way to reheat buffalo wings.

You will need:

–         A plate friendly with microwave

–         Paper towels

–         A microwave


–         Defrost the wings in room temperature

–         Put your buffalo wings on the plate and cover them with a layer of paper towel on top

–         Put them in the microwave about 1-2 minute