6 Biggest Grow Room: What is the largest grow tent available?

There are just a few options available on the market when it comes to big grow room. This is because most manufacturers tent to produce small to medium-scale grow room and most home growers want to get a grow cannabis that can fit their limited space indoor. There is another issue is that biggest grow rooms are often relatively expensive.

So, what is the solution for growers who have a lot of space inside, and looking for biggest grow room to produce larger yield? This post is the reviews about best biggest grow room from dependable brands and with reasonable price.

Top 6 Biggest Grow Room 2021 on the Market

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#1 Oppolite 120″X60″X80″ Mylar Hydroponic Grow Tent Room

This large grow tent is 120″ X 60″ X 80″ well made from heavy duty 600D oxford fabric lightproof. The frame’s construction is sturdy and durable that built 22MM white paint coated metal poles and metal Corners. Light leakage is limited and prevented thanks to zippers and double-stitched seams.

To enable proper ventilation, it has rectangular vents with mesh. Furthermore, there are numerous vents for filter and fan outputs. The filter straps may be made out of the nylon belts, which is included in the pack.

A green clear, observation window allows you to keep an eye on the plants but not disrupting their growing process. The green color of the window is a specifically designed for preventing white light from entering the room.
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#2 TopoLite 120″x120″x80″ Indoor Grow Tent

Topolite is a well-known name included in the industry. It provides top-of-the-line grow equipment to ensure a smooth and effective growth process. This indoor tent measures 120 x 120 x 80 inches, this is the common size among biggest grow tent.

This grow tent is made of heavy duty 600D lightproof oxford cover on the outside and 96% ultra reflective diamond mylar on the inside. The materials not only super think but also prevent light leaks. The rectangular vents with mesh ensure improved airflow. Topolite tent is designed with a green window, which allow you to monitor your plant with open the tent.
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#3 TopoGrow 2-in-1 108″X48″X80″Grow Tent

TopoGrow 2-in-1 Grow Tent may not the biggest grow tent available but it can be the biggest grow tent with multiple room. This grow cabinet measures 108″ X 48″ X 80″, with a 96″ X 48″ X 80″ larger room and two smaller 12″ X 48″ X 80″. The three separate grow rooms allow you to maximum your yield and save your time as you can grow your plants at different growth stage. For example, the smaller rooms are perfect area for propagation and seedling, while the larger one is more prefer for vegetation and flowering. This tent is big enough to hold about 6-8 growing marijuana plants.

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#4 TopoGrow 120″X60″X80″ Large Indoor Grow Tent Room

Topo grow tent inner layer is made of 96 percent super-reflective diamond mylar and it comes with heavy-duty zippers for a robust and durable structure. And 600D super-durable oxford fabric makes up the outer layer. To guarantee stable and strong frame assembly, the grow room contains sturdy metal rods and metal connections. TopGrow is simple to set up. Although it is quite large but it comes with no any complicate part and it set up without the need of any tools. TopoGrow provides a waterproof tray that can be removed and fastened with nylon belts to keep the room easier to clean.
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#5 Ultra Yield 120″x120″x84″ + 12″ Extension Grow Tent

The material of this grow room is 1680D canvas, which is 3 time thicker than others 600D material on this lis. The poles and corners is made from metal and the poles are 22 mm thick, making them among the thickest tent available. The inner layer is 98∞ reflective diamond Mylar, which increase the lights effect inside the room. The tent comes with 12 months money back guarantee. The only downside here is that ULTRAYIELD is a Chinese manufacturer and many users are concern about the risk from these Chinese brands. However, this is the great deal to buy an affordable price and high quality tent like this.
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#6 Anjeet 120″x120″x80″ Grow Tent Room

Anjeet 120″ x 120″ x 80″ grow tent is also constructed from 600D lightproof oxford cloth like other biggest grow room on this list. It is also made of 19MM metal rods and heavy duty zippers. The exterior zipper is designed to assures seamless functioning. The 96% highly reflective Mylar inner layer provides the ideal condition for your healthy plants as it enhance the lights intense and retain heat.

Furthermore, even if you have no prior expertise, setting up this grow tent is a breeze as it is very quick to setup and without the use of any tools. Anjeet grow tent includes several round vents with rectangle vents with mesh for carbon filters and fans output to maintain fresh air inside the tent.