Jedi OG Strain Effects & Review – Royal Flavored Cannabis Strain with Legendary Origin

Jedi OG weed strain is considered as the royal cannabis strain on the market and the delicious taste of this cannabis strain is sure to make many smokers crave. Jedi OG has won cannabis awards many times and there is a good reason for these awards.

Jedi OG is not only rated as a strain with a wide variety of flavors and aromas, but it is also an ideal cannabis strain for growers of all levels. It not only brings entertainment values to smokers but also brings a lot of profit to growers.

In this article, we will give you information about this cannabis strain, so you know what kind of strain is Jedi OG, and more. This information will be useful to both growers and smokers.


Jedi Kush Strain


Death Star and San Fernando Valley OG Kush


Relaxed – 10, Euphoric – 7, Happy – 7, Uplifted – 6, Sleepy – 6


Dry mouth – 10, Dry eyes – 2, Dizzy – 2, Headache – 1, Paranoid – 1


Sour, skunky, pungent, diesel, pine


Skunky, tangy, woody, diesel, citrus


Pain – 10, Stress – 9, Depression – 6, Insomnia – 3, Inflammation – 3


60 to 65 days


8 to 9 weeks


4 to 6-1/2 feet


19% to 25%


1.5% to 2%


100% Indica


10 to 12 ounces per square meter


14 ounces or more per plant


Experience needed to grow


Resistant to pests and fungus but not with mildew

Jedi OG Origins

Jedi OG aka Jedi Kush, is a pure Indica hybrid cannabis strain from two legendary cannabis strains. Death Star and San Fernando Valley OG Kush are the parent strains of Jedi OG, and both are really prized.

Jedi OG inherits the outstanding genetics of two popular Indica cannabis strains, Death Star and San Fernando Valley OG Kush. This 100% Indica purebred will deliver the affects you would expect from a popular Indica strain. The THC content that can be up to 25% of this cannabis strain is sure to bring amazing experiences to your mental state.

At the same time, Jedi OG’s high CBD levels also offer remarkable value to medical marijuana users. Jedi OG has also created a voice in the cannabis community through its cannabis awards. Jedi OG also combines with Master Kush to create a very interesting Master Jedi OG strain. This Indica purebred cannabis strain is well worth trying and adding to your cannabis garden.

Jedi OG Effects

With a fairly high THC content, Jedi OG offers highly physical effects and can be said to be quite strong for new smokers. Jedi OG Kush strain effects are more about physical high, Jedi OG’s relaxing effect will not come immediately after smoking, but it will come gradually over the first 10 minutes. The point is that this relaxing effect will quickly spread throughout the body but does not control the body, or in other words, does not cause you to collapse.

When this relaxation effect is high, you will feel more elated and your mental state will also change in a more positive direction. You will then have a lighter, more relaxed body as well as a clearer and more elated mind. This state of complete relaxation can last quite a while.

Jedi OG will also give you a feeling of drowsiness. After the state of complete relaxation and elation subsides, you will feel a bit drowsy and will fall asleep more easily. This sleep is very gentle and it does not make you tired after waking up.

Although the main effect is relaxation, its climax is quite strong so beginner smokers should use caution when taking Jedi OG. Get used to it with a few small puffs of smoke first and never overdo it.

Jedi OG Fragrance & Flavors

Jedi OG possesses the signature scent and taste of the Kush line. You will very easily recognize the rather pungent and strong fuel smell. In this powerful fuel scent you’ll find woody, pine, and citrus notes. So overall, the scent of Jedi OG is not too harsh and it still carries fresh notes.

The taste of Jedi OG is not the sweetest and it is not the easiest to enjoy. But its taste is not bad at all, at least for those who are not too fastidious. This strain produces smoke like tobacco, and when you exhale, you will feel the aftertaste of pine wood and skunk lingers.

Overall, Jedi OG has a rather pungent taste. Sweet lovers probably won’t add Jedi OG to their list. Jedi OG is suitable for smokers who love stronger flavors.

Jedi OG Medical

Jedi OG offers more medical value than you think with CBD levels as high as 5%. This cannabis strain is great for patients who need to reduce stress levels and eliminate anxiety. Thanks to its deeply relaxing, uplifting effects, Jedi OG is well-suited to treating patients with depression and PTSD.

In addition, Jedi OG also works to reduce aches and pains, beneficial for treating chronic pain and muscle spasms. Patients with gastrointestinal problems can also use Jedi OG to ease their condition.

Besides, this Indica purebred cannabis strain also has a sedative effect. Those who are having problems with their sleep can look to Jedi OG as a safe and effective solution. Jedi OG will also induce a feeling of hunger after the effects have subsided, so your anorexia will probably go away as well.

Jedi OG Growing

Jedi OG seeds are not too difficult to grow but they still require the right care and attention at the right time. Growers can grow Jedi OG seeds indoors, outdoors, and greenhouses. This cannabis strain is quite resistant to pests, mold and vitality, so growers won’t need too much trouble to control it.

However, Jedi OG plants tend to grow with a wide distance between the leaves and branches, while the shoots are quite heavy. This can lead to branches and trunks being unable to support the weight and breaking. Therefore, growers should prepare support frames to help plants preserve yields.

The plant has a modest height, so it does not take up space when grown indoors. When growing outdoors, growers should pay attention to arrange a good distance so that all plants can receive enough light to grow well. Techniques such as SOG and ScrOG are needed to increase crop yields.

Jedi OG flowering time is about 65 days. With good care, growers can yield around 12-14 ounces/m2 indoors, and over 14 ounces/plant when grown outdoors.

Where Can I Buy Jedi OG Seeds?

Right now there are quite a few online seed banks offering Jedi OG seeds at various prices and qualities. It is this diversity that can make it difficult for many growers to make an informed decision. That’s why we have prepared a few reputable online seed banks where you can buy good quality Jedi OG seeds at a reasonable price.

Seedsman – Jedi Kush Regular Seeds

The Cali Connection – Jedi Kush

Pacific Seed Bank – Jedi Kush AutoFlowering Feminized Marijuana Seeds


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More and more people are choosing to use cannabis products for medicinal purposes or simply for recreation. There are many of them in the market that derive from this plant that despite being famous, is stigmatized and it is not completely accepted around the world. They can be used for both humans and animals since they have a number of characteristics that are beneficial to mammals in general due to the endocannabinoid system they possess.

Before learning about each kind of them, it is important to know the compounds derived from cannabis with which these products are usually prepared. They are the THC (Tetrahidrocannabinol) and CBD (Cannabidiol), both extracted from the marijuana plant, they are two active elements, called cannabinoids, that generate different effects but that are intimately linked since they interact and balance each other.

Both of them are phytocannabinoids (cannabinoids produced by plants) that act on the endocannabinoid system of mammals, influencing the CB1 and CB2 receptors like the cannabinoids generated by the human body. For its part, THC is the psychoactive component of cannabis, it produces high levels of pleasure and drowsiness in those who ingest it, for that reason, it is used more for recreational than medicinal purposes.

THC also increases appetite and pleasure when eating, so it is prescribed to treat problems such as anorexia and bulimia. Its somnolent effect makes it a great ally when treating sleep disorders such as imsonomy because it raises the desire to sleep in people and the possibility of doing it deeply, reaching greater rest. However, as it is a psychoactive, this element is forbidden in many parts of the world and it is even thought that this has the drawback to affect short-term memory. One of the most famous high THC products is Rick Simpson Oil, a substance used for the treatment of chronic diseases since it exerts a great effect on releaving pain.

On the other hand, we have the CBD. This element is the most used in the medicinal field, although it works in many ways to enhance the effect of marijuana when it is used recreationally. The CBD exercises a function on the central nervous system, the immune system and the peripheral organs, which makes it a great ally, too, when it comes to fighting pain and reducing the symptoms of some diseases. It has somniferous and relaxing properties, although on a smaller scale than THC, so it can also be used to treat insomnia, anxiety problems, nervousness and stress.

The most important characteristic of CBD is that it is not psychoactive. In fact, it is able to counteract the effects of THC, helps prevent short-term memory loss caused by the intake of THC and, in addition, has antipsychotic and anxiolytic properties that make it a product of great help in treating schizophrenia. It has no psychotropic effects so it is considered safe for many people. It also has anti-inflammatory and anticonvulsant properties, perfect for treating diseases such as arthritis, multiple sclerosis and epilepsy. CBD oil, the substance used with many medicinal purposes, is the most commercialized CBD product.

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Therapeutic Benefits of CBD Oil

Cannabis is a plant that has been used for medicinal purposes through years. From its strain, it is extracted a compound that, in high concentrations, can be used to create products for the treatment of human health. This component has active ingredients that categorize it as a cannabinoid very similar to those produced by the human being in a natural way, which allows it to be employ to treat pathologies and conditions in the human body.

Its beneficial properties for health are varied but are still being discovered and, on the other hand, they are not accepted by the scientific community and population in general, for that reason, its implementation for therapeutic purposes must be justified and based on a previous study which indicates that it must be applied. In addition, this product remains illegal in many countries around the world.

However, despite the limited information on the CBD in this area, more and more people are taking advantage of its characteristics to improve their health or to treat some type of physical or mental disorders. Among the assessments that have been made in this regard, we find the following ones:

  • CBD oil can be used in antiepileptic therapy, especially in people who have developed resistance to the medication created for it. Its main benefit is that it reduces the frequency and intensity of seizures, which prevents the repetition of constant epileptic seizures.
  • The treatment with CBD is highly recommended to heal musculoskeletal and neurodegenerative disorders. This compound can directly affect the life of neurons, influencing its deceleration and survival, in addition, it has neuroprotective effects, which leaves us an element that can serve as support when treating pathologies such as Alzheimer’s disease, multiple sclerosis, Parkinson’s disease and more.
  • This type of cannabinoid increases apoptosis. This is a process that is based on the destruction of cell or programmed cell death, which allows the organism to get rid of infected or potentially cancerous cells, besides, it prevents the spread of tumors or diseases through the rest of the body, that is to say, it inhibits the metastasis.
  • Reduces blood pressure, which means that it is a great ally in the face of cardiovascular diseases. It is able to prevent heart attacks because its anti-inflammatory, relaxing and antioxidant properties help protect the heart.
  • It can be an alternative to common analgesics since it acts directly on pain by activating the neural circuits that regulate it. In addition, it has anti-inflammatory properties, which enhances the aforementioned.
  • It has anxiolytic properties since it generates a calming effect and induces drowsiness which positions CBD oil as a product that provides benefits to the control of anxiety and sleep disorders. Also, it is believed that it possesses antipsychotic characteristics linked to its neuroprotective capacities that even serve to inhibit the effects caused by the consumption of psychotoxic substances.

It should be noted that CBD oil is a natural product of easy cultivation, which can even be made in a homemade way, which reduces the margin of side effects that may cause cannabis ingestion. Nonetheless, it is always important to take care of the dose to ingest and be supervised by a doctor if you intend to consume any type of medication.

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What is a grow tent

Over the years, “green” technologies have been gaining popularity so that every day new products and devices are developed and they can be useful when carrying out more ecological and naturalistic activities. One of them is the cultivation at home, more and more people are betting to perform this practice in their houses as it represents gain in terms of benefits and advantages while reducing the common expenses of a person.

One of the objectives of the new era is to achieve that people lead a self-sustainable life in which they carry out those activities that provide them with resources by themselves. To do this, various devices have been created and they allow the user to perform cultivation work at home, for example. The most famous is the grow tent.

A grow tent is a portable and reusable box-shaped device. These artifacts are resistant to indoor and outdoor climatic conditions and they also allow germination of seeds for plant growth without the need to be directly sown to the ground or receive sunlight. Generally, they are constructed of aluminum, which leaves us a strong structure with highly beneficial properties for the growth of the plant.

Being composed mostly of aluminum makes them perfect devices to regulate the levels of light and temperature, in addition, they are completely opaque to control the reflection of light on the surface. On the outside, they are covered with an equally opaque canvas which allows us to place moderate light without being perceived from the exterior and, besides that, contributes positively to the user as it also allows him or her to regulate it.

On the other hand, its interior is lined with reflective materials, and even it is in each of its corners, to make the most of the amount of light and electricity produced. This feature allows the user to control the level of exposure that the plant will have, which will result in a better evolution, better harvest and development without problems.

The most beloved feature by the consumer audience is that its design converts grow tents into highly discrete devices, which gives the user advantages if he wants to keep his work at home and ensure that the culture goes unnoticed. This aspect converts the grow tents into artifacts that serve as a great support for professional growers or even novices, especially for those who wish to grow marijuana. since its technology and operation help the user have more reach and comfort regarding their cultivation. Also, they are completely adaptable since their size and structure favors their installation and, in addition, it is possible to adapt the conditions with which they will work.

Grow tents exist in different sizes and shapes since each model is designed to meet specific needs. There are some that serve to make small crops and others much larger that work with a higher number of plants. In addition to this, the most advanced models even have characteristics that can be helpful when cloning. They also have a quality ventilation system with air vents that allow their circulation and positively increase the good results of the harvest.

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A natural wonder. Each year in the springtime (Feb – mid June), a nesting pair of eagles raise babies on the bluffs. Beaver are also in the area and we’ve even seen a bear take a swim! Wildlife is abundant on the White River.

Why is It Important to Dry and Cure Cannabis

More and more people are choosing to grow weed for themselves. They go through the process of selecting the seed, then germinate it, take care of the crop and even clone it but they usually forget two very important steps; drying and cure. Both processes are highly significant in the final result of the product since they can make the difference between excellence and the loss of all work.

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The importance of carrying them out lies directly in the buds of the plant. When they are fresh, they have high levels of water, chlorophyll and other plant elements which would cause the product to have a bad taste when consumed if it is burned or vaporized. This means that drying and curing greatly influences the quality of marijuana as it acts as a controller or regulator of the smell, flavor and even effects of its flowers.

When the crop has been carried out and the flowers are fresh, they have 75% of water, for that reason, the drying has to be performed, since it is intended to reduce that percentage to 15% or 10%. In addition to this, this process allows the chlorophyll to evaporate which would intensify the aroma of the flowers and reduce the bitter taste.

To dry the marijuana, its flowers should be placed in a cool place at room temperature not higher than 24 degrees, the place should have good ventilation to allow air renewal and oxygenation of the plant. Also, it should not be exposed to light or heat as this would degrade the THC. It should be noted that this compound is mostly in an inactive state when the plant is still green, so it is necessary to activate it by drying the leaves and thus be able to take advantage of its properties.

On the other hand, we have the curing of the hemp flowers. When they are dry, they must undergo a curing process that lasts, generally, between 4 and 8 weeks. This step influences, as the previous one, the taste and smell of the final product but its main objective is to enhance the effects of cannabis. This practice also favors decarboxylation, a process that transforms cannabinoids in their acid state to their neutral state, activating their psychoactive properties in this way.

As with drying, sunlight should be avoided at all costs when curying is performed. THC is one of the main cannabinoids that can be extracted from marijuana and its main enemy is sunlight since it is capable of degrading it and turning it into CBN. This generates that, when losing its psychoactive properties, the final product becomes a narcotic. Understanding this, you have to cure the flowers and you must work in a dark place with controlled humidity. The first step of this process is to place them inside a container, which is recommended to be of either glass or aluminum, it has to be covered and the following opening pattern must be followed, too: the first week, open it once every day for 15 minutes; the second week, open it once every 36 hours for 15 minutes; the third week, open it every three days and after the fourth week, it must be opened only once a week. This will prevent the formation of mold and allow air circulation.