Strawberry Kush Review – Sweet Marijuana Hybrid with Great Value for Both Smokers & Growers

Strawberry Kush is a cannabis strain that is popular throughout North America and is increasingly popular among recreational and medical marijuana smokers. This cannabis strain not only offers a lot of recreational and medical value, it is also very profitable for growers.

Strawberry Kush is a high yielding cannabis strain and growers can make good profits with their crops. This cannabis strain has a good scent and flavor that makes it a favorite choice for many smokers.

If you are a grower who does not have much experience with this cannabis strain, do not worry as we will provide you with some useful information for your crop. Let’s dive into this cannabis strain in the Strawberry Kush review below.

Strawberry Kush Origins

The origins of Strawberry Kush are not at all a mystery like many other cannabis strains. Its origin is even more famous than its name. Strawberry Kush is a hybrid of two famous cannabis strains, Strawberry Cough and OG Kush. Many growers refer to this cannabis strain as a cross of Strawberry Cough and OG Kush rather than using the name Strawberry Kush.

The extremely popular parent strain of Strawberry Kush has been selected and retained its most dominant genetics for this hybrid. Strawberry Kush is Indica dominant and it bears the characteristic features of this genetics. In which, Indica genetics accounted for 75%, while Sativa genetics accounted for only about 25%.

Strawberry Kush Effects

Possessing Indica dominant genetics, you will experience most of the effects that an Indica plant has to offer. The general effect of this cannabis strain is deep relaxation, high euphoria but not overwhelming. This effect is very interesting and even the most difficult smoker will enjoy it.

The effect of Strawberry Kush is a unique and balanced combination of two parent strains, Strawberry Cough and OG Kush. As you may already know, OG Kush is more about physical effects than mental effects. This cannabis strain will make you feel tingling all over your body, mild numbness.

And Strawberry Cough brings a powerful effect to your spirit. It will help you feel euphoric, happy and dispel negative thoughts. These effects combine and are very evident in the Strawberry Kush.

With just a few sips of Strawberry Kush smoke, you will feel immense happiness and become excited. Your body will still be awake and excited to do other things. The tingling effect all over the body is present but not completely dominant. With a THC ratio of over 23%, Strawberry Kush is sure to bring many interesting effects.

Strawberry Kush Fragrance & Flavors

It is the name of Strawberry Kush that speaks to the taste of this cannabis strain. Yes, Strawberry Kush has a strawberry flavor mainly, but it also pairs with many other flavors. This cannabis strain carries the delicious fresh fruit flavors of Strawberry Cough, but it also contains the typical Kush flavor.

You will feel the scent of strawberry, citrus, pine and a little bit of herbs. The scent is very pleasant and it has a deep relaxing effect. This combination of berries, herbs, earth and pine provides a delightful experience.

With the first sips of smoke, you will feel the freshness and sweetness of the fruit. Then you will feel the aroma of earth and pine along with a bit of pungent taste. It will make your taste buds stimulated and become more excited.

Strawberry Kush is suitable for relaxing at any time of day, but I love using Strawberry Kush after dinner. It seems to make me forget all the fatigue and enjoy more deeply the free time after a long working day.

Strawberry Kush Medical

Strawberry Kush can act as a treatment for stress, anxiety and loss of appetite. Its soothing and relaxing effects will help the patient feel more relaxed, happier, and get rid of anxiety and stress.

Besides, Strawberry Kush also has the effect of relaxing muscles, reducing pain effectively. If you really have a tiring day both physically and mentally, then smoking Strawberry Kush will help you a lot to make you feel better.

In addition, Strawberry Kush also works to improve your appetite. It will help stimulate your appetite and stimulate your taste buds. The food will become more delicious and from there you will also eat more. It is especially useful for any long-term treatment.

The combination of physical and mental treatments makes Strawberry Kush even more popular. It will make your life happier and more optimistic.

Strawberry Kush Growing & Yield

Strawberry Kush is an easy to grow cannabis strain. Strawberry Kush seeds will grow into compact sized plants, so it’s fairly easy to control. Beginner growers can add Strawberry Kush seeds to their starter list.

Strawberry Kush can be grown both indoors and outdoors. However, growing indoors will help growers easier to control and care for, in addition to being able to resist pests. The height of a mature Strawberry Kush will be less than 3 feet so growers do not need to prepare a large growing room for this plant.

If planted outdoors, the harvest is expected around October with thick, heavy shoots. Plants can grow naturally well, as long as the growers provide a growing environment with a cool climate. Strawberry Kush has medium resistance to pests and diseases so growers need extra attention. Yields are similar to those grown indoors.

If growing indoors, growers should pay attention to feeding the plants with enough nutrients. Plants tend to grow into many branches, so growers can use some of the right techniques to increase yields. With good care, a high yield is possible. Growers can harvest about 800 gr/m2. Flowering time is about 8-9 weeks.

Where to Buy Strawberry KushS Seeds?

Strawberry Kush is a popular cannabis strain so it shouldn’t be difficult to buy this cannabis seed. However, it is important for growers to choose a reputable online seed bank to be able to own the best quality Strawberry Kush seeds, worth the money they spend.

For growers who are inexperienced in buying Strawberry Kush seeds online, we highly recommend purchasing seeds from the seed banks below. These names have been verified by us.

Sensi Seeds – Strawberry Kush Feminized Seeds

HomeGrownCannabisCo – Strawberry Kush Feminized Cannabis Seeds

Seedsman – Strawberry Kush Feminised Seeds

ILGM – Strawberry Kush Feminized


Montreal Cannabis Seeds Review

Montreal Cannabis Seeds has been building an impressive reputation as one of the leading Canadian Seed Banks. The team at Montreal Cannabis Seeds is dedicated to offering only the highest quality genetics that can be found across the world. The company history for Montreal Cannabis Seeds extends back five years. During that time the company has worked tirelessly to source the best cannabis seeds that can produce plants with strong yields of THC and CBD. The team is also committed to offering cannabis seeds that are easy to grow so that growers of all levels can enjoy the benefits of these amazing plants. 


A Commitment to Quality

Montreal Cannabis Seeds has been able to effectively establish its reputation as a seed bank sector through consistent quality. The achieve this, the team individually inspects and packs each seed that is sent out to customers. This helps to ensure that the highest quality standards are met with each and every order that the seed bank sends out to customers.

An Impressive Selection

A key factor that sets Montreal Cannabis Seeds apart from the competition is the extensive selection and the variety that is offered. Beyond offering great feminized, non-feminized, and auto flower options, the seed bank also offers great CBD strains and quick strains. Customers also have the option to buy in bulk and orders of more than $150 receive complimentary seeds. It is easy to order seeds from Montreal Cannabis Seeds as the various selections are well organized by category.

The Leading Strains Currently Available at Montreal Cannabis Seeds


This strain is one of the most legendary of all time and continues to be popular to this day. It is notable for being a strain that is easy to cultivate and works both indoor and outdoor. Its stoney effects and good potency continue to make this a go-to strain for many cannabis enthusiasts.


The Feminized Black Gold has been a big seller at Montreal Cannabis Seeds. It is a variety that works great in Canadian climates and has an Indica dominant genetic profile. Customers also love the high THC levels that Black Gold produces.


The Auto Flower Bruce Banner is one of the most popular options in this class that is offered at Montreal Cannabis Seeds. Growers who like auto flowers enjoy this option that can potentially attain THC levels of 32 percent.


Feminized Purple Kush is another seed option that is popular at Montreal Cannabis Seeds. The famed purple colors that show up in this strain look amazing and it has a highly potent THC level that it is capable of achieving. Customers also love the act that the Purple Kush is ideal both indoors and outdoors.


It is no surprise that the Feminized Gorilla Glue is one of the most popular strains that Montreal Cannabis Seeds offers. This Sativa dominant hybrid is famous for its heavy yields and its high levels of THC that produce a superior high.