Teresa Wilder caught this beautiful 24″ Rainbow today with Bill Terry guiding!

Teresa Wilder caught this beautiful 24″ Rainbow today with Bill Terry guiding! Come on down and get you one! Way to go Teresa.

Tory Boston Mayhue Avery Mayhue Judy Boston mom- show this to dad!

Judy Boston Ok

Chuck Kauffman First view, thought she had that fish by her teeth

Wayne Canada Pop & I are coming in the fall, Bill! (My 6 year old grandson got his first bass at Pop’s lake, TODAY)!


Cory Beach Beautiful fish!! Great job!!

Marianne Christy Russell Way to go 4 sure!

Hudson and Case had a good day on the river! Good job boys.

Knowing the right size of prey for your snake

Most snakes ought to be fed a size of prey that is about a similar size around as snake’s body at its widest point. This implies that as a snake matures, you should change the measure of prey meal to suit the snake’s expanding size. Picking prey that is too huge can result in genuine medical problems for your snake. Wounds are more probable if the prey is excessively huge and they can cause gut impaction.

Picking the Prey Size

If you experience serious difficulties passing judgment on how enormous around your snake is compared to the size of prey you feed to it, take the measurement around your snake at the most stretched out piece of its body. You can take the measurement to the prey store to check out the available prey size and select which one is suitable for your snake.

Feeding Hatchlings

Small hatchlings can be started on pinky mice (infant mice) and afterward graduate to bigger sizes. The fundamental terms utilized for feeder mice are weanlings, weaned mice, hoppers or fuzzies, then large and extra-large adults.

Feeding Rats to Snakes

In the event that you have a type of snake that grows to be very large and can eventually feed on rats, it is a smart thought to change to rats while the snake is still young so they can be used to feeding on rats rather than mice. While mice are exceptionally timid animals with a couple of defensive abilities, rats are extremely inquisitive, and a bigger rat can cause serious harm to your snake. You need to feed your snakes prey that they can easily fight back against while they’re still young.

The Most Effective Method To Prevent Snake Regurgitation

Snakes have one of a kind jaws that enable them to swallow prey that is bigger than their head, however, your snake may experience issues processing excessively vast prey, causing regurgitation. Another normal reason for regurgitation is handling your snake too early after a meal. While each snake is unique, you should handle them no less than 48 hours subsequent to a meal. If the snake still regurgitates, allow it to rest for one day more.

Regurgitation can also happen if the snake is stressed. Snakes will likewise spew because of stress. If your snake is stressed by people tapping on the glass of their tank or around loud noises, then place them in a quiet area and allow them some time to rest. After a few days, it will be ready to play. Regurgitation causes the snake to lose a lot so before feeding it again, wait for about 2 weeks. When you are ready to feed it, provide a meal smaller than the last.

It’s essential to have a Best Snake Proof Boots ,understand that vomiting and regurgitation are 2 different terms. Regurgitation happens before a meal gets to the snake’s stomach but if your snake expels digested food that has been in the stomach, it is vomiting and could be as a result of serious illness.

Information & Prices

All guided fishing trips include all necessary safety equipment, bottled water and sodas, rod and reels, rain gear and professional, courteous guides. A fishing license and trout stamp is needed which is available
at the dock for an additional fee.

We cater to ladies, church groups and youth groups. Our guides always behave in a professional, courteous manner.

You never have to touch the fish or bait if you don’t want to. We will help bait the hook, bring in the fish and even clean and bag them for you.

FULL DAY – $110 per person + Tax & Bait
     includes Soda, Water, Rods and Reels, Hooks and Sinkers and Sandwich Lunch
HALF DAY – $80 per person  + Tax & Bait
     includes Soda, Water, Rods and Reels, Hooks and Sinkers 

Guided Trips DO NOT Include Licenses, Tax or Bait

$30.00 + Tax per boat – Guided Trips Only
Fresh Fried Trout, Fried Potatoes, Fresh Salad
Home Baked Bread, Ranch Beans



FULL DAY (10 hours) – $70.00 + Tax & Fuel. 7am -5 pm (in by 5)
4 Hours – $55.00 + Tax & Fuel. In by 5:00
Rentals include: life jackets, net and paddle

2 hours – $30.00 per person + Tax + $10.00 Fuel


A natural wonder. Each year in the springtime (Feb – mid June), a nesting pair of eagles raise babies on the bluffs. Beaver are also in the area and we’ve even seen a bear take a swim! Wildlife is abundant on the White River.


Check out our gallery of fish, fun and food. See why everyone wants to go fishing with Bill. From big catches to tasty shore lunches to great camaraderie, you’ll make memories that last a lifetime at Bill Terry’s Fishing Service!



See why people love fishing with Bill Terry at Calico Rock Trout Dock!

Thank you!!! You made a fishing trip into a God-filled tour of the river – may God bless you and your family.  ~J. Jones

We’ve thought of you many times since our morning’s fishing. . . We’ve visited with our friends about the fishing we did there. Maybe you’ll get some business. I recommended you to several people. ~ M. & J.

We really enjoyed you and your excellent service.  ~ M. & B. Dale

Thank you for all our kindness to our families – That shore dinner was so good!  ~ M. Mcneal

Hope to see all of you at the trout dock…  ~ J.& N. Hamilton

I’m sending you some of the pictures from our fishing trip in June. We had a great time. Best of luck and I’ll send some folks your way anytime. ~ V. Gilbert

Fishing at its best on the beautiful White River.

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We can’t wait to hear from you. Contact us today to book your fishing trip or with any questions you may have. Fishing at its best on the beautiful White River.

Bill Terry’s Fishing Service
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Calico Rock, AR 72519

Off of Hwy 5 North under
the River Bridge in Calico Rock.

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Fisherman’s Prayer
Author Unknown

God grant that I may live to fish
Until my dying day.
And when it comes to my last cast,
I then most humbly pray
When in the Lord’s safe landing net
I’m peacefully asleep,
That in His mercy I be judged
As big enough to keep.