10 Secret Grow Box Reviews: Best for Growing Marijuana at Home

One of the biggest concern of most marijuana home growers is how to reduce odor and keep their marijuana plants hidden. You don’t want anyone know that you are growing cannabis, especially your nosy neighbors. Then, there is nothing better than the secret grow box. The box with stealthy design will help you discreetly grow your own marijuana indoor.

These useful boxes also maximize your limited space and create the proper environment to provides as much yield as possible. The secret grow box allows even new growers can easy adjust the growing condition inside. This article is the great point to get you started with the best secret grow box.

Top 10 Secret Grow Box 2021

#1 SuperFlower Hydroponic Grow Cabinet

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The SuperFlower Grow Box boasts one of the safest designs, with a 16-gauge steel door, so you do not need to worry about others access your box and open it. A 200 W CFL lighting system is included in the package, which guarantees will help you obtain excellent performance. The lighting system is nearly automatic, makings it simple and efficient to use. It uses the most up-to-date hydroponic technologies, including DWC method, bubble, and aeroponics, as well as a 10 gallons water tank. The larger chamber can hold up to eight plants. The grow box ensures well ventilation due to its circulation fan that distributes adequate air to every corner within the box to keep the room thoroughly aired. A hygrometer and automated controls button are located on the back of the device.

#2 Supercloset Grow Box LED TRINITY 3.0 Grow Cabinet

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The SuperCloset Trinity Grow Cabinet is twin cabinet system with three chambers. The three chamber is act for vegetative, blooming, and cloning. This is what I love the most about this grow box as your plants can be germinated and cloned in one chamber and then you can transfer them to vegetative chamber when they older. After that, moving them to flowering chamber. That means you can grow your weeds at different growing stages at the same time. It’s perfect for farmers looking for a high output. The device measure is 92” x 24” x 78”. Each room has a capacity of 12 plants. The device is fully automated and equipped with 3W grow lights, allowing the plants to grow quickly.

#3 Cash Crop 6.0-2 Plant LED Hydroponics Grow Box

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It is not easy to find other secret grow box that provides excellent performance and includes everything you will need with the very affordable price. It measures 35″ tall x 16″ wide x 11.0″ deep that can accommodate 6 plants. It comes with LED light that provides the full spectrum for all growth cycle of your weeds. It also offers a dependable air fan and an air pump. The box is made of high-quality wood with fabric layers cover.

#4 Hellogrower 20″ Stealth LED Grow Box with Hydroponic System

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Looking for a small grow box for your tight space, this 20-inch Stealth Grow Box by Hellogrower is what you should consider. The box dimension are 20 x 15 x 15 inches that is only enough space to hold 2-3 plants at a time. The inner is coated with 100% Mylar cloth, which provides increased light reflection and maintain heat as well as odor management.

The filtering mechanism is also worth mentioning. You’ll get strong fans to keep a continuous flow of fresh air throughout the grow box, as well as vents with removable carbon filters to control odor. The box also features a lockable door to add more protection for your weed plants.

#5 Grow Box LED SuperLocker 3.0 LED Grow Cabinet

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The supper sturdy, strong frame of this Grow Box is made of 16-gauge steel. SuperLoker 3.0 comes with K3 full spectrum LED light, which equal to 300-watt, on the sides of the box, there are 20-watt T5 supplementary lighting. The grow box can accommodate up to 8 plants with the large dimensions of 66” x 15” x 24”. There is a separate above rotating vegetation chamber, which can hold 10 clones. Thanks to the separate chamber, you can grow your weed at different life stages at the same time. SuperCloset offers a three-year guarantee as well as unlimited technical assistance. The downside here is that this model is quite expensive, but it is obvious worth the money.

#6 Hellogrower 30″ Stealth 150 Watt LED Grow Box System

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This is the larger version with more equipment than Hellogrower 20″ Stealth Grow Box. It’s also an excellent choice for small-scale producers. It is equipped a 125W full spectrum LED grow light that is energy saving device. You may secure this unit with a padlock to prevent unwanted entry. It offers enough space cultivate 2 to 3 plants. It is lined with 100% mylar cloth. It uses a carbon filter to reduce odor.

#7 Colorado Grow Box – Stealth Hydroponic Grow box

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I love strong, powerful fans of Colorado Stealth Hydroponic Grow Box as it not only give well ventilation but also prevent odor. It has a capacity of 6 plants. The inner layer is mylar fabric, which optimum light reflection, ensuring your plants get the same amount of light as growing outside. It uses adjustable 600W full spectrum lighting system to ensure healthy plants at any growth stages.