[UK Seedbank] Seed Supreme Review (www.seedsupreme.com): Fulfilled in California

This UK seedbank offers over 200 varieties of cannabis. Their website is nicely arranged and they even have a handy section for USA visitors to click on and get the currency status of legalization in their state.

Seed Supreme is rated one of the best seed banks and if you don’t like all their offerings, they offer a link to dozens of others.

The first thing that U.S. customers will want to know of course is do they ship to the United States and if so, how?

The answer is a large affirmative. Secondly, while Seed Supreme is a UK seedbank, and all orders go through their UK office, USA customers are fulfilled by a regional distribution hub in California.

What does that mean for you? It means your order will be shipped from California, not internationally.

Not only will your order have much less chance of being lost or confiscated, but that it will get their much quicker. Most British seed companies send their order by Royal Post in Britain which can take as much as 21 days to receive.

In addition, all orders greater than $125 are sent with free shipping.

Payment is one of the areas that Seed Supreme lacks. They accept only Bitcoin and they also support Instant Banking. Instant Banking is a method where people transfer money from the checking account to the Instant Banking account and then pay for purchases there.

Since Instant Banking has no account number, hackers cannot trace purchases back to your original bank account.

For most people instant banking is probably the easiest, or they can pay in bitcoin.

Seed Supreme also offers U.S. customers the option of sending cash to a U.S. address, but they do not accept either checks nor money orders. Only cash.

We would rank Seed Supreme higher were they to offer credit card payments but they do seem to have a good reputation for fairness and a well thought business plan.

Overall, Seed Supreme ranks as one of our better seed bank reviews and we give it 4 stars.