Why is It Important to Dry and Cure Cannabis

More and more people are choosing to grow weed for themselves. They go through the process of selecting the seed, then germinate it, take care of the crop and even clone it but they usually forget two very important steps; drying and cure. Both processes are highly significant in the final result of the product since they can make the difference between excellence and the loss of all work.

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The importance of carrying them out lies directly in the buds of the plant. When they are fresh, they have high levels of water, chlorophyll and other plant elements which would cause the product to have a bad taste when consumed if it is burned or vaporized. This means that drying and curing greatly influences the quality of marijuana as it acts as a controller or regulator of the smell, flavor and even effects of its flowers.

When the crop has been carried out and the flowers are fresh, they have 75% of water, for that reason, the drying has to be performed, since it is intended to reduce that percentage to 15% or 10%. In addition to this, this process allows the chlorophyll to evaporate which would intensify the aroma of the flowers and reduce the bitter taste.

To dry the marijuana, its flowers should be placed in a cool place at room temperature not higher than 24 degrees, the place should have good ventilation to allow air renewal and oxygenation of the plant. Also, it should not be exposed to light or heat as this would degrade the THC. It should be noted that this compound is mostly in an inactive state when the plant is still green, so it is necessary to activate it by drying the leaves and thus be able to take advantage of its properties.

On the other hand, we have the curing of the hemp flowers. When they are dry, they must undergo a curing process that lasts, generally, between 4 and 8 weeks. This step influences, as the previous one, the taste and smell of the final product but its main objective is to enhance the effects of cannabis. This practice also favors decarboxylation, a process that transforms cannabinoids in their acid state to their neutral state, activating their psychoactive properties in this way.

As with drying, sunlight should be avoided at all costs when curying is performed. THC is one of the main cannabinoids that can be extracted from marijuana and its main enemy is sunlight since it is capable of degrading it and turning it into CBN. This generates that, when losing its psychoactive properties, the final product becomes a narcotic. Understanding this, you have to cure the flowers and you must work in a dark place with controlled humidity. The first step of this process is to place them inside a container, which is recommended to be of either glass or aluminum, it has to be covered and the following opening pattern must be followed, too: the first week, open it once every day for 15 minutes; the second week, open it once every 36 hours for 15 minutes; the third week, open it every three days and after the fourth week, it must be opened only once a week. This will prevent the formation of mold and allow air circulation.